In-house Email Message Service

What is Message?

Message is our in-house email service designed for seamless integration with all OrangeCRM. Whether you send small or large volumes of email our internal solution allows you to send automated messages, marketing emails and targeted campaigns of any size, while maintaining strict compliance with current spam laws. Message can be used as a tool to execute sophisticated email marketing campaigns that deliver customized content based on demographics and other criteria.

Detailed reports allow you to track the results of sent emails, measure their effectiveness and create more successful marketing campaigns. Message delivers a reliable email service with all of the functions you need to conveniently create and manage your business email communications within OrangeCRM.


  • Easy setup and quick deployment
  • Unlimited messages
  • No fee per email
  • Accommodates bulk mailings
  • Interruption-free service
  • Effortlessly maintain compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act
  • Unsubscribe link in every email
  • Automatic removal of addresses that have opted out of receiving future emails
  • Easily create and manage professional, organized email marketing campaigns
  • Merge tags - dynamically add content to your email
  • List segmenting - target specific demographics or subsets of your list with content relevant to them
  • A/B testing - compare the outcome of different versions of your email to find what works best
  • Detailed email tracking reports with open rates, response rates, average days to open and more


  • Save money on bulk mailings 
  • Create more successful email marketing campaigns
  • Improve workflow by keeping all customer related data in one central location
  • Have peace of mind knowing that you are maintaining compliance with current spam laws
  • Avoid possible service interruptions that can result from third-party email service providers