Orange CRM Pricing

No Risk, Proof of Concept Pricing

Modular design, web front-end integrations, online training, dedicated specialists



  • * Includes: Customer, Fulfillment, Banking, BI Essentials, 3rd Party Email Services, Dedicated Technical Specialist

    How does the No Risk, Proof of Concept pricing work?

    If you cancel your account within 60 days of signing up you will be automatically refunded for the amount you were charged. You can cancel your account at any time by doing so from within your OrangeCRM installation.

    Is there a minimum commitment?

    OrangeCRM is a month to month service. There is no contract or long term obligation. You are billed on a monthly basis at the beginning of each month and if you cancel you will not be billed again.

    Can I add or remove modules at any time?

    Making OrangeCRM the right size for your business is quick and simple. By accessing the OrangeClient Portal from within your OrangeCRM installation you can add or remove any module at any time. Additionally you will not be prorated the difference for the month.

    What are my payment options? Can I pay by invoice?

    We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. We will also invoice you if you prefer. Our invoice terms are net 15. Prepayments on a quarterly, half-yearly or yearly basis receive a discount.

    BI Essentials
    3rd Party Email Services
    Dedicated Technical Specialist
    Multi-Module Discount (2 Modules)
    Multi-Module Discount (3 or more Modules)
    OrangeCRM Admin Service $1895
    OrangeCRM Private Cloud call for pricing
    SQL Direct API     call for pricing
    OrangeCRM BackOffice (Enterprise installation) call for pricing

    General Features

    • Enterprise class, scalable solution capable of managing millions of records concurrently
    • 100% zero footprint web based solution - no additional client costs
    • Unlimited phone support
    • Unlimited customization
    • Track all data points in the CRM uniquely
    • Complete audit trails and reverse traceability enhance compliance
    • Highly granular and customizable reporting capabilities
    • Screen pops for phone system and other third party software integration
    • Create highly complex queries and submit via search tools
    • System wide role based data export capability
    • Integrate leads and customers from multiple sources for efficient management
    • Manage each product (continuity, single sales or upsells) individually and uniquely with its own set of customer, banking, transactional and fulfillment rules
    • Search based, non-menu driven user controls
    • Powerful enterprise wide search capabilities; Full text indexed database
    • Output financial info to accounting modules
    • Automated call center sales management tools
    • Integrate with shopping carts, third party software, web pages, phone systems and calling centers
    • Open access to CRM functionalities via the OrangeCRM API
    • Manage customer, transaction and fulfillment rules on an individual (single) or batch (millions) basis
    • Future-project revenue and risk using sophisticated transaction analytics
    • Enterprise class help desk
    • Rule based user access rights
    • Manage campaigns efficiently using an array of cloning tools

    Customer Management

    • Clearly defined, simple to navigate single screen for customer management
    • Validate customer data
    • Automate lead capture processes
    • Distribute customers to inside sales and channel partners
    • Track and edit address and account data
    • Issue, edit and authenticate user names and passwords
    • Duplicate check customer record
    • Manage billing plans dynamically
    • Role based permissions
    • Allow customer access to their records via web portal to manage account, generate tickets, change preferences and run fulfillments
    • Dynamically change rules relative to the customers life cycle
    • Identify order, process and estimated bill dates along with estimated bill amounts
    • Track IP address of originating order
    • Link back to sales call recording
    • Categorize customers in to sub-sets for better order flow management
    • Attach documents to the customer and / or comment record
    • Track customer payable (direct customer related costs)
    • Allow specific payment types
    • Link customer record to sales recordings
    • Robust commenting module managed with pre-defined comments and operator keyed remarks
    • Group and categorize comments for reporting purposes
    • Manage payment methodology, retry rates etc. on a single customer or batch basis
    • Flag customers has high risk
    • Track lead performance
    • Examine leads based on status, batch or acquisition point and manage similar to a customer record
    • Track affiliate and sub-affiliate performance metrics post customer acquisition
    • Transfer calls and customer records when escalations are required
    • Track customer transactions and orders to fulfillment
    • Define compliance rules for a customer record that must be met prior to load
    • Track shipments to the customer and request / manage shipments
    • Waive fees, change time to bill, time to trial and extend billing periods
    • Track costs associated with customer acquisition
    • Change customer status (New, Trial, Active, Suspended, Cancelled, CSR Cancelled, Archived)
    • Unlimited fee schedules tied to individual customers or to groups of customers
    • Create lead summary outputs and track pass / fail percentages, net leads, no pay leads, over limit percentages and pay outs
    • Acquire leads (un-billed or pre-qualified) and automate the process of CRM acquisition from upload through quality checks to billing and retention
    • Create uni-level, multi-event commission payouts.
    • Generate commission statements based on lead payouts, claw back percentages, historical bill date
    • Generate tickets to auto escalate customer issues
    • Queue fulfillments, emails and tickets on behalf of customer
    • Manage risk associated with a customer account by flagging customer, bank bin or other data point in system

    Extensible API

    • Custom built shopping cart
    • Customer owns code on implementation
    • Customer designed graphics
    • No page design requirements
    • Landing page - customer information
    • Order / billing page - collect payment info and process to merchant gateway
    • Confirmation / checkout page
    • Designed in PHP, ASP, or customer specified
    • Integrated mySQL database for web front end management
    • Partial lead capture with secure web front end login
    • Order tracking
    • Integrated KRON scripts to reconcile web transactions


    • Over 145 gateways supported
    • Unlimited transactions; no fee per transaction
    • Unlimited merchant accounts and unlimited MID's
    • Role based permissions
    • Bulk upload capabilities for high volume processors
    • New gateway integrations within 72 hours
    • Process virtually all card types, ACH and check or cash payments
    • Completely customizable account code sets
    • Create rule sets for chargeback auto refunds
    • Support AVS (address verification service) routing - send, send on retry etc.
    • Routing based on card type, customer lifecycle, dollar volumes
    • Mix and match transaction types (Sales, Auths, Refunds, Retry's) to improve success ratios
    • Verify by Visa
    • Secure MasterCard
    • Time of day routing
    • Track multiple deposit accounts
    • Track merchant account fees, escrow charges and monthly charges
    • Checking account reconciliation tools
    • Sophisticated cost tracking capabilities
    • Dynamically change customer charges to reflect changing market conditions or customer / customer service department requests
    • Email marketing triggered by billing events
    • Categorize customers based on billing events
    • Create fulfillments based on billing events and tracks associated costs and account codes
    • Cloning tools for easier system wide deployment
    • Create account code lists that are reflective of current internal accounting codes
    • Tie specific merchant accounts and / or MID's to specific billing tasks in the CRM
    • Manage transactions individually or collectively depending on your internal business logic
    • Define a hold period for refunds to enhance cash flow management. Set up rules to immediately release refunds if required
    • Capture transaction, refund, RFI and chargeback data
    • Create dispositions to enhance the ability to track and report on the reason why a lead was lost or a customer charged back
    • Issue chargeback memo's as required
    • Set up merchant accounts and / or MID's and assign each merchant account a particular job or jobs within the CRM (transact all first cycle charges, transact only MC etc.)
    • Adjust gateway transaction codes manually or use system defaults
    • Transact customer charges based on pre-defined business rules. For example:
      • all transactions route to one merchant account
      • all Visa transactions route to a specific merchant account
      • a percentage of transactions route to a particular MID
      • a customer needs to be sticky-routed on a specific MID
      • create exceptions for sticky-routing to account for high risk periods
      • send all first run transactions offshore
      • send all transactions post cycle four to a low-cost, low risk tolerance merchant account


    • End to end fulfillment processing and management
    • Create fulfillments for hard goods, electronic delivery or as help desk tickets
    • Send receipts, welcome letters or other customized communications
    • Generate fulfillments based on events in a customer's life cycle
    • Track and manage orders within the CRM using multiple shipping services
    • Work with multiple warehouse locations and email delivery services
    • Create mail merge files and generate packing slips and invoices
    • Auto deliver pick and pack orders to your warehouse personnel
    • Create fulfillment events based on a customer's status, origin of sale, billing plan, category or other data point
    • Trigger fulfillments based on internally developed business rules
    • Role based permissions
    • Permission based CSR fulfillment creation
    • Filter fulfillments based on geographic location
    • Automate chargeback and RFI dispute management
    • Track fulfillment costs and package information
    • Auto notify customer of fulfillment processing and shipping with tracking information

    Email Marketing

    • Create personalized rule based email marketing campaigns
    • Unlimited contacts
    • User defined custom fields
    • Include dynamic content and links to video or audio clips
    • Multiple emails per campaign
    • Drip market based on a customer's life cycle
    • Remove unsubscribed contacts
    • Selectively grouping and filtering tools
    • Customer fields
    • Automatically detect duplicate emails or create duplicate emails
    • Create plain text or html emails
    • Include attachments
    • Trigger emails off transaction events
    • Role based permissions
    • Third party integration

    Business Analytics

    • True business analytics - explore past performance to drive business planning
    • Performance chart based dashboard overviews
    • Over 120 business reports
    • Create customized account code sets for drill down analytics
    • On demand customizable reporting
    • A/B testing
    • Mentor reporting transaction analysis to future predict revenue and costs to +/- 1%
    • Future predict chargeback rates to +/- 1%
    • Chargeback monitoring by campaign, web site, billing cycle, affiliate, sub-affiliate, bank, BIN and disposition
    • Help desk reporting by task, resolver, manager, escalation list and more
    • CSR activity by group, refund patterns, save sale percentages
    • Customer activity by campaign, acquiring party, billing demographic, fulfillments, product and more
    • Deposit activity by checking account or accounts, BIN number and more
    • Estimated billing reports by account code, acquiring party, campaign, category, date, master code and more
    • Risk reward reporting to compare true returns on campaigns, calling centers, web pages etc.
    • Pending transaction reporting
    • Lead reporting by acquiring party, email, date, disposition and more
    • Profit and loss reporting by acquiring party, affiliate, sub-affiliate, BIN, State and more
    • Attrition rate reporting by product, company, date, billing plan, affiliate, sub-affiliate and more
    • Transaction summary by account code, campaign, acquiring party, affiliate, sub-affiliate, API, merchant account, bank code, date, account code and more
    • Estimated unbilled revenue
    • Unrealized billing - lost revenue projection