Developer API
CRM API Documentation & Developer Resources

How Do I Get Started?

  1. Make sure you have administrator rights for your OrangeCRM installation.
  2. Read the API documentation completely.
  3. Set up your campaign and generate an API key. If you need assistance ask for support (click here).
  4. Once you have implemented the key contact technical support to monitor your testing.
  5. If you develop a cool application let us know!


Connect to Orange CRM with your Web Applications

The OrangeCRM API provides its users with a simple yet elegantly powerful way for front-end applications to interface with all aspects of CRM logic. Our users create plug-in's that connect multiple front ends to your installation.

You can connect OrangeCRM to:

  • Your Customer Management Software
  • Multiple payment service providers
  • Banking gateways
  • Analytics machines
  • Calling centers
  • Phone systems
  • Fulfillment centers
  • Upsell and downsell providers
  • Shippers

API's at a Glance:

  • Set required API fields (Name, address, contact info, etc)
  • Manage preauth transactions
  • Set customer cycles and status
  • Select Fee Schedules
  • Select Merchant Banks
  • Set payment types
  • Select upsell programs
  • Automate chargeback management
  • Set High Risk checks
  • Use wild cards to send emails