Meet the OrangeCRM of Products

orange crm customer resource management modules


We understand that each business has unique processes, goals and requirements. OrangeCRM provides the flexibility you need by offering a comprehensive set of modules that meets the demand for a customized Relationship Management system.

A module is an additional component that seamlessly integrates with your OrangeCRM database to provide supplementary functions and tools according to your specific business needs. Our robust suite of modules includes something for all business types - whether you are a start-up company just opening its doors or a large corporation requiring multiple intricate utilities - making OrangeCRM powerful enough to serve as a one-stop solution for companies of any size.


The Analytics module provides the business intelligence, analytics and on demand reporting you need to interpret and analyze your data. Our web based platform allows authorized personnel within your organization to instantly access and monitor key metrics and make informed decisions anytime, anywhere.

OrangeCRM’s Banking module provides a highly customizable, PCI compliance ready mechanism for merchant account management and automated payment processing. We support over 140 gateways and offer free integration for new gateways. Our typical integration time averages 72 hours.

Boneyard is a discount rate plan for continuity programs you wish to phase out and cancel. It allows you to continue billing existing active customers as attrition proceeds, while preventing any new customers from being added to the program. Boneyard will save you money during times when you...

The Customer module delivers a superior, feature-rich customer management tool designed to handle lead and customer acquisition processing, regulate the entire life cycle of each customer and optimize your support staffís ability to administer high quality customer service. The Customer modules...

The Event module enables you to regulate customer service activity by allowing you to dictate which actions are allowed and when they can be performed. You will create a customized set of predefined actions or "Events" that will be presented as available options to users based on the conditional rules...

The Fulfillment module provides an automated solution for efficiently creating and managing a wide variety of fulfillments such as product shipments, digital goods and services, invoices, customer data transmissions, email communications and more. Not only can fulfillments be custom built to...

Message is our in-house email service designed for seamless integration with all OrangeCRM. Whether you send small or large volumes of email our internal solution allows you to send automated messages, marketing emails and targeted campaigns of any size, while maintaining strict compliance...

The Money module makes the task of managing and processing of funds much more efficient. This includes multipule foreign currencies, tax and shippping costs, and advanced bank management features. Its convenient currency conversion function provides standardized currency reporting, allowing you to process transactions in foreign currencies and report on them in USD (or any other desired...

The MyAdmin module will save your company a substantial amount of time by providing you with a dedicated OrangeCRM administrator who will oversee the day-to-day operation of your database, ensure data accuracy across the system and perform any changes or alterations you may request.

The Recording module enables a recording playback feature which allows you to securely store audio files on a private, PCI compliant local FTP server and link them to your customer records. Searching and sifting through multiple recordings will be a thing of the past. Your Quality Assurance and Validation...

SOAP stands for Sales Order & Acquisition Processing. The SOAP module allows your agents to instantly create and bill new customers directly in OrangeCRM. It enables you to regulate the order taking process by predefining the rules of each offer. You dictate which offers are available for each Program...

The Task module provides a robust ticketing system fully integrated with OrangeCRM and is dedicated to the timely processing of all business tasks, customer issues, projects and service requests. It will optimize your staff's strengths and abilities by increasing efficiency and automating internal processes...