Automated CRM Fulfillment

What is Fulfillment?

The Fulfillment module provides an automated solution for efficiently creating and managing a wide variety of fulfillments such as product shipments, digital goods and services, invoices, customer data transmissions, email communications and more. Not only can fulfillments be custom built to meet your specifications, they also come with multiple types of delivery options and file formats. You will define what triggers a fulfillment to be created, which customers qualify for the fulfillment, when it will be delivered to the desired destination, among many other factors. Details such as ship date, carrier and tracking number can be quickly accessed by your customer support staff. The Fulfillment module allows you to effectively manage every aspect of fulfillment processing from creation, to tracking and delivery.


  • Free integration with most fulfillment centers
  • Auto deliver pick and pack orders to your warehouse personnel
  • Fulfillment delivery options include email, FTP, website post, 3rd party API and the Task module
  • File formats include XML and numerous types of delimited files
  • Merge multiple fulfillment files into a single file for each distribution center
  • Create fulfillments based on customer status, origin of sale, billing plan, category or other data point
  • Add additional custom fields per your company's needs
  • Assign box IDs for combined shipping
  • Auto notify customers of shipment status with tracking information
  • Build email templates with merge fields that auto-populate unique customer data
  • Create mail merge files and generate packing slips and invoices
  • Import package tracking information
  • Monitor fulfillment requests and missing tracking information
  • Track fulfillment costs and package information
  • Automate chargeback and retrieval dispute management


  • Provides end to end fulfillment processing and management
  • Saves valuable time by automating manual processes
  • Enables improved communication with the customer
  • Enhances the buying experience
  • Allows distribution centers to sort fulfillment files based on predefined box IDs