Highly flexible CRM solutions for all of your company's merchanting needs

With so many payment types, gateways and processors available you need a CRM that is highly customizable.

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OrangeCRM makes these processes stress free!

Setup your Credit card transaction fees to keep watch of your costs.

Enable Chargebacks auto refund option – sets auto refunds for all subsequent transactions (purchase transactions dated later than the CB).

Enable AVS – (Address Verification System) for Customer Transactions.

Comply with PCI standards – (Keep your customer data in a PCI compliant environment).

Batching transactions:

  • Set Max Errors on transaction batches
  • Set Max Amount of transaction per gateway
  • Set Max Retry attempts on transactions
  • Set Time and frequency of sending transactions to gateways

Sticky routing – billing to the customers original payment method

Switch between Gateways or adding new Processors – Have you lost a merchant account recently? Do you need to add a new merchant account quickly and easily?

Load balancing – Do you want to balance your transaction load between different processors?

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