Customer fulfillments are an integral part of your customers needs

With the increase of ecommerce, companies need to effectively manage every aspect of their customer's fulfillments from creation, to tracking, and delivery.

OrangeCRM can be configured to issue and execute fulfillment requests for their intended destination, customer or customers. The fulfillment record will contain the details of the order of each individual customer. The system will give you access to the information you need to keep your customer informed about their fulfillment.

With OrangeCRM your fulfillments can be:

  • Customer invoices that need to be mailed or emailed
  • Responses to your customer inquiries or complaints
  • Email communications to your customers, vendors or suppliers
  • Products, goods or services that need to be delivered to the customer
  • Automated responses to your web sign up forms

A customer fulfillment always exists within a fulfillment file. OrangeCRM will deliver your fulfillment file to the web address that you provide us. Once the fulfillment house updates the fulfillment file, it is returned to OrangeCRM via an API form which will update all of the corresponding customer records.

Types of fulfillment files:

  • Tab delimited
  • Generic Delimited
  • Comma delimited
  • XML files

Fulfillments can be considered as templates that define the general parameters of each Customer

Customize your fulfillments with OrangeCRM to:

  • Track fulfillment cost, package size and descriptions
  • Create fulfillment dependant relationships
  • Prioritize fulfillments
  • Manual or Automatically send fulfillment requests
  • Use wildcards to automatically populate fulfillment email
  • Create time delay for fulfillment - hours, days, or months
  • Set limits to fulfillment amounts by batches
  • Receive fulfillment performance results
  • Add additional custom fields per your companies needed

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Receive package tracking information updates in OrangeCRM:

Your support staff can then update your customers about the status of their shipments.
OrangeCRM will work with most fulfillment houses!

To answer any questions you may have please contact us.

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