Customer Management

Superior customer management tools

Great customer service is vital to your success. OrangeCRM meets your customers expectations with a solution that is robust and flexible.

OrangeCRM's customer management tools are designed to make your support staff knowledgeable and responsive. The customer support module simplifies your interactions with a client by providing a single unified desktop view. Customer service agents are able to find relevant information within seconds and respond to customer requests by launching a series of smart context sensitive tools.

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Does your support team perform any of the follow tasks?

  • Reference customer history and status, transaction history and status
  • Modify customer records: username, password, address, shipping, and contact information
  • Change payment methods, billing plans, downsells or upsells, save sales
  • Apply full or partial refunds
  • Manage preauth processes
  • Reference customer service scripts
  • Send or track customer fulfullments
  • Quick find customer records
  • Add comments to customer records
  • Create escalations to customer service requests
  • Check campaign performances

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