Coaching & Consulting

Have you ever wondered . . .

What's the price point for my product offering where I will get the maximum retention with the maximum return?

How many chargeback's will I have in the next three months?

The number one misconception about starting a continuity business is that it is simple to run and manage.

We know differently.

Subscribers to OrangeCRM work with a dedicated technical consultant. It's their job to find answers to your questions and make sure that you implement them as efficiently as possible. To that end we will conduct workshops, assist you develop your business plan, attend your conference calls and do what it takes to make your business a success.

Our software has managed continuity, direct response and multi-level marketing company back offices for twelve years. Our intellectual property originates in the mid-90's when we managed extremely large and complex databases on behalf of telecom clients.

Over its fifteen year history our products have managed tens of millions of customer records and billions of dollars on behalf of our clients. There is very little we have not seen or experienced. As a client of OrangeCRM you will find that we work very hard to convey that information to you – our customer.

Training is a great start and when you are an OrangeCRM subscriber we will provide you an unlimited, uncapped amount of training and support time. Teams and organizations, however, often require more than just training. They need someone to guide them through the process of implementing their business plan and adopting a system as complex and powerful as OrangeCRM. That's why, in addition to our training sessions, we provide all of our subscription based clients with coaching and consulting services without cost.

To answer the questions above we examine millions of similar customer records to help you know the sweet spot and tens of thousands of similar transactions to project potential chargeback patterns.

You may not always like our answers but you will appreciate our accuracy.

Coaching & Consulting – an integral part of our service offering.

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